The best travel movies

The best travel movies – TOP-39

For all the lovers of traveling, I have made a list of the 39 best films about traveling of different genres on this page. Therefore, if you are bored and you need to pass the time during the long winter evenings or if you travel on a train – then boldly go to this page and share it with your friends.

There are well-known films, as well as those about which you won`t find even a word in similar collections on the Internet! All these movies have a rating above 7 points according to the users of the website «Kinopoisk», which is the largest website in the Russian segment.

Тhese films are able to motivate anyone to travel by impressing an interesting plot and beautiful scenes. That`s why I strongly recommend to watch them only in HD quality and above.

It`s necessary to know that the selection is not comprehensive. I chose the films that had gained popularity among our and abroad viewers, and attracted from the first minute!

The best travel movies

The best travel movies

Around the World in 80 Days (2014)

«Let your imagination soar»

It is an action-adventure film of the 2004 year, one of the many adaptations of the famous Jules Verne’s novel from his «The Voyages extraordinaires» series. The basis of the plot is a story about the eccentric inventor from London, who made a bet with the noble Lord.

The bet was that he could circumnavigate the globe in 80 days. It should be noted that the events unfolding in the distant 1872, when such a venture seemed incredible. But Phileas Fogg had decided to go to the end, and together with his faithful servant Passepartout went on incredible journey!

Tracks (2013)

«Leave everything behind»

It is a story about a young girl named Robin, who wanted to cross on foot the whole of Australia – a continent which is picturesque, but at the same time, is very dangerous. Almost all the flora and fauna represent a danger to humans.

She went in a way, followed by a dog and four camels. Such a desperate act didn`t go unnoticed, the National Geographic became interested in her story, which offered her a support of the photographer.

The film is based on real events. The author of the novel on which the film was shot – Robyn Davidson had crossed 2,700 kilometers on foot with a company of camels and dogs for 9 months in 1977.

Vacation (1983)

«Every summer Chevy Chase takes his family on a little trip. This year he went too far»

The premiere of a number of comedies about the crazy vacations of the family Griswold was with good success in the last 20 years. There is a story about family that always gets in trouble. However, few people know about the film, which became the progenitor in the distant 1983.

This film is a banal American Comedy. It doesn`t oblige to anything and unlikely to make you think about something, but we really need sometimes such films – in order to give the brain a rest.

Nevertheless, you can look the part at some situations in which travelers often fall, but already, on the other hand.

One Week (2008)

«What would you do?»

An ordinary young guy, an ordinary job, a girlfriend and an approaching wedding… All this time the usual idyll was destroyed at once when Ben Taylor found out a terrible diagnosis. He didn`t know how long he had left to live, perhaps – not more than a week.

Ben decided to take a desperate step. He rejected the therapy and a meager chance of a cure, deciding instead to enjoy the last days of his life. He bought a motorcycle and went on a journey through all of Canada that allowed him to really overestimate his life. But how long will his journey?’

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

«I want us to be brothers again like we used to be»

Another Comedy produced by the United States. It is also crazy, but here the scene is transferred to delightful India. Three silly brothers go exactly there, despite the fact that they haven`t already communicated a year with each other after the death of their father.

The elder brother offers them to take a trip on a train across all of India to find them and reconciles with each other. But everything goes not as it was intended because narrow-minded men immediately began to quarrel and find out the relationship among them, so they are disembarked from the train in the middle of the desert. And this is only the beginning of their adventures…

Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014)

«Everyone wants to find it»

Eccentric and rather strange, but attractive and charming London psychiatrist Hector is in crisis. He sees how his patients absolutely don`t go to the amendment, in spite of all his efforts.

And at some point, the doctor decided to take a desperate step – to go on a trip to the most diverse corners of the world, in order to know where and how to find happiness, and most importantly – whether it exists at all.

Wild (2014)

«If courage betrays – get the better of it»

One of the longest and most incredibly interesting hiking trails – is the Castaic-Tejon Route in the United States. It extends from the border with Mexico, across America and up to Canada. Its length is 4279 kilometers. And not every daredevil will venture to travel across it.

The main character, Cheryl Strayed, after a failed marriage, buried her mother and disillusioned with life, is sent to walk this route in order to find herself, to overcome fears and to understand for what she actually lives.

Leap Year (2010)

«What are you ready for love?»

This girl really wants to get married and exactly for this man. So when he goes to Dublin, without making her an offer, she takes the initiative in her hands! Knowing that there is a tradition in Ireland according to which any girl can make an offer to a man on February, 29 and he can’t refuse, she immediately buys a plane ticket, thus creating a plot for a great romantic comedy.

Weather makes adjustments to her plans and the plane on which the young lady rushes for her loved one, makes an emergency landing in Wales, from where she will have to get on her own.

A young Irishman takes to help to find in time her loved one. So they drive across all of Ireland in order to make finally an offer to the slow-witted groom.

Nowhere in Africa (2001)

«Sometimes home is where you least expect it»

It is a German film that tells a story of a girl Regina, who at age five, along with her mother and father fled from Germany to Africa. The girl and her family have to survive in a completely new environment for them. Instead of civilized Europe, they face black Africa.

Living on a farm in Kenya, Regina rather quickly becomes accustomed to the new foundations, like any child. She teaches the local language, walks with the guys and soon she already «captures the spirit» of the beauties of Africa, which became the second home.

Lost in Translation (2003)

«Everyone is looking for understanding»

In expensive and fashionable hotel in Tokyo… In a bar… Escaping from insomnia, a couple of Americans spend their time: the actor Bob and a girl Charlotte. After they met, they decided to go for a walk through the night city.

The walk suddenly becomes something more. A series of encounters, meetings, and events make it an unforgettable and rather intense. Moreover, it restores their faith in themselves and humanity.

The Road Within (2014)

«Every third is crazy. If your two friends are normal, so it’s you»

There is no psycho in this company. In this company, all three are touched! In the truest sense of the word. They’re patients in a private hospital, who steal the keys from the doctor’s car and go on a journey.

But how real and safe for themselves and others can be such an adventure? Because it will confront them with human feelings and it can hurt them or even heal.

This comedy is not the simplest, but very instructive and funny.

Cairo Time (2009)

«An adventure of the heart»

It is a Canadian melodrama, the plot of which unfolds in Cairo. Juliette comes here, she is the wife of a UN employee Mark, who is now in Gaza Strip. There is not calm and he cannot escape to his wife. Therefore he sends his friend to help her to see Cairo.

Juliet explores the city, the manners, and customs meets with the savagery of the locals. And parallel platonic love arises between her and the conductor.

Betrayal and lies… All these events are unfolding against the background of incredible beauty of nature and interesting places of Egypt.

Kon-Tiki (2012)

«Across the ocean in search of the truth»

Another film based on real events, depicting about the madness and simultaneously the courage of some people, their belief in themselves and their idea. Adventurers who are willing to go against all known truths.

Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian and a descendant of the glorious Vikings, in 1947, decided to take a desperate step together with a team of like-minded people – to cross the entire Pacific Ocean to the coasts of Peru on a small raft.

The heroes will face the fight with the whales, their own doubts, and nature. Who will be the winner?

Up in the Air (2009)

«The story of a man ready for all changes»

The main character of this drama – is Ryan Bingham. His personal life is for one night. All his belongings fit into one suitcase. He is not burdened by superfluous. He is a famous lawyer, whose whole life goes on business trips and traveling around the world.

However, does he like this kind of the life? Everything is fleeting in his personal life, and at first, it gives a pleasure, but it can get boring over the time…

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011)

«All should be well in the end. If it’s not, then it’s not the end!»

The group of pensioners from the UK decides that they have worked hard for all their life and now they really want to relax on vacation. They choose a cheaper exotic country in order to spend their old age there – in India.

Choosing a place of residence, they opt for the recently renovated and newly opened “Marigold Hotel”. However, when they arrived there, they have understood that the surrounding atmosphere was far from what they drew in their imagination.

But, all the adventures that have fallen to their destiny will teach them to let go of the past and re-find themselves and their love.

The Beach (2000)

«There is a heaven somewhere on the planet»

Richard, an American boy, who flies to Thailand, because he craves adventure. He wants freedom, beauty, and impressions. So the last thing he will receive in full!

He meets a very strange man in a cheap hotel who gives Richard a map of the mysterious island, where grows the huge plantation of “raw” and next to it lives a municipality of truly “free” people.
In Richie’s understanding, it is exactly paradise on the Earth. That`s why, he goes to the island with his new friends – a couple from France…

Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

«Life offers you a thousand chances… all you have to do is take one»

The writer Frances is really going through a breakup with her man. She is slowly embraced by depression and indifference, from which it becomes difficult to get out. Soon the crisis concerns the creative side of her, which affects earnings.

In order to somehow get out of this state, the woman goes to Italy with her friend. And her life really changes here!

Sun, heat and incredible nature awaken desire to live, create and enjoy. And her love is already rushing towards her!

Dschungelkind (2011)

«She goes through life laughing. Barefoot»

A young girl Sabina is standing barefoot in the snow and thoughtfully looking into the long story about her history. Because the world in which she is now has become alien…

Her father together with his wife and children are gone to live and work in the jungles of New Guinea. There he learns language as a linguist. At the same time, the family adapts to the new conditions.

Sabina, one of the daughters, is very quickly mastered and feels as at home here. She makes friends with the local children and becomes for them like a native.

However, serious problems begin, including inter-tribal enmity, and these events have affected the fate of the family and the girl.

The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet (2013)

«Children’s picture about adult decisions»

You can be a genius and create brilliant calculations, but it means nothing if you are 8 years old. Adults will never treat it seriously, as in the case of T. S. Spivet.

Living on the farm with his parents, sister and brother, he spends all his free time with inventions and mathematical calculations. All of this he sends to various scientific journals and magazines, carefully hiding his age. But one day he got a call from the world famous Institute and invited him to the award ceremony…

What to do? That’s right if adults don`t take seriously – must take matters into his own hands. So the boy decides to assemble a suitcase and go to a dangerous and fascinating journey across the country.

EuroTrip (2004)

«No actual Europeans were harmed in the making of this film»

Schoolboy Scott has problems in German language, so he finds a pen-friend from Germany. His name is Mike (but in fact, correctly pronounce how Mieke) and they have a great dialogue. Scott’s knowledge is improving, and with a new friend, he feels a real kinship of souls. And once one day he finds out that Mike is Mickey, a charming German girl with whom he immediately falls in love.

Having gathered a group of friends, he goes on a summer trip through Europe, in order to see the Old World and the most important – to meet his beloved and confess his love. What will come of this – you can see in this crazy comedy!

Everything is illuminated (2005)

«Leave Normal Behind»

Many years ago, during the Second World War, one woman saved a young Jew, hiding him in a Ukrainian village.

After hearing this story, the grandson of that Jew, the American – Jonathan – decides to go to a distant and unfamiliar country – Ukraine. His goal is to find this woman.

He arrives in Lviv and begins his journey to the Odessa region together with the interpreter – «cool lad» and his grandfather. On the way, they are expected by stupid situations and serious discoveries…

This is a comedy with a claim to a drama or maybe vice versa…

The Physician (2013)

«Through the Sands of time to the Light»

The action takes place in the distant past. In the 9th century, in England, there lived a boy Rob Cole, whose mother died of a terrible and unknown illness. Rob decided to find the cause of the disease at any cost and the cure for it, so he devotes his life for it.

When he grew up and began to study medicine, a desperate adventure comes to mind – to travel throughout Europe to Persia, whose healers are famous for their art of healing people. Soon the great physician Avicenna becomes his teacher. He sees an extraordinary talent in him and gift of the healer, therefore he teaches much wisdom. But soon there is a threat over Cole Rob because he went against prejudice.

The Way (2010)

«Life is too big to walk it alone»

Tom Avery is a doctor from California. He could never find a common language with his son. It hurt both of them. Tom loves a quiet, measured rest with a stick on the golf course, while his offspring, Daniel, loves travel and adventure.

And then Tom gets the terrible news. His son died in the Pyrenees, at the beginning of the Camino de Santiago route. The father, who stricken with grief, flies to France to claim the son`s body, but suddenly he decides to share with his son his passion, to try to understand and help him to make his last journey.

He cremates the body, and unprepared Tom goes on the famous path of St. James with the dust of the ashes. Overcoming obstacles, gaining new acquaintances and penetrating the essence of travel, the father goes along the path, dispelling the ashes along the way…

Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)

«What he really wanted was to spend Thanksgiving with his family. What he got was three days with the turkey»

An old American comedy about an ad man Neil Page, who just wants to be home with his family and celebrate Thanksgiving. And it would seem – what could be easier? Just buy a plane ticket and you’re at home in a few hours…

But events unfold in such a way that it will not be easy to get to native Chicago. The way to home turns into a real adventure, where he goes with a new friend.

The Hangover (2009)

«Vegas is simply too tough for somebody»

A reckless comedy, which marked the beginning of a whole cycle of films «The Hangover…». This is the story of men who dreamed of spending a stag party that they will never forget!

Unfortunately, they couldn’t remember anything in the morning, just like why there is the child in the hotel’s closet is, why is a real tiger in the bathroom and most importantly – where is the groom?

And now, having sobered up, they go in search of people who at least somehow will shed light on the events of last night, and at the same time will help to find the groom and return the child to his parents.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

«3 young men take a holiday that changes their lives forever»

And this is Indian film. It is bright, beautiful and breathtaking. It tells the story of three friends who go on vacation. And this trip changes lives forever!

It all starts with the fact that one of them, Kabir, meets a beautiful Russian girl Natasha with whom he is going to get married. Therefore he offers them to take a “long” bachelor party for three weeks. So they join to a completely different life!

English Vinglish (2012)

«About how behind the fragility and naive can hide a great strength and strong character»

This is a very beautiful, kind and rather funny tragicomedy. It tells us the story of a girl from India who flew to the U.S. in order to visit her sister. She does not know English, the mentality of the locals seems alien to her, and as her own sister, who has already tasted the “American dream” and increasingly losing her national identity.

However, our heroine is not of weak in spirit, although incredibly naive. She pulls herself together and decides at any costs to learn the language, enjoy the city and achieve the goals in her life.

A Good Year (2006)

«Start your life anew»

A successful, smart and rich trader, which at the same time is a record nerd, inherits a whole winery in France on the stock exchange.

When the hero arrives in Provence, he hears that in addition to him a number of people claim on the property. And in the struggle for legitimate property, Max will change completely his views on life.

Gorillas in the Mist: The Story of Dian Fossey (1988)

«You also need people to count the gorillas. Take me! I can count…»

The main heroine decided on a very unusual profession. She travels to Central Africa to live alone in the wild and to study gorillas. This place is full of miracles and dangers. And it’s not as simple as it seemed at first… Especially, when you have red hair which symbolizes the witch for the locals.

The film is based on the autobiography of Diane Fossey, which chronicled her life and discoveries in the wild of Africa.

Easy Rider (1969)

«He went in search of America but couldn’t find it anywhere»

A real rock-ballad, in which the authors managed to display the whole rebellious spirit of the 60s of America. Two friends go on a trip across America on motorcycles, wanting to enjoy the romance of adventure and freedom.

However, everything is not as perfect as it seemed, while they lived in a big city. They quickly begin to realize that the States don`t need free people at all.

So what is it really, the backwoods, which had not known the American dream?

Romancing the Stone (1984)

«Do not be afraid nor adventurers, nor adventure»

The sister of a popular writer of women’s novels gets into terrible trouble, she is being kidnapped! A package comes by mail from Colombia to Joan, who recently started to work on the next book, which (package) require the return it to kidnappers, in exchange for her sister’s life.

Joan throws everything and rushes to help, however, on the day of arrival she is lost and somebody makes the murder attempt on her.

The American adventurer, the mercenary and the soldier of luck come to the aid – Jack Colton. Saving the girl and at the same time he saves her sister and tries to find treasures in a jungle, in spite of extreme adventures and dizzy danger mixed with a love story!

Seven years in Tibet (1997)

«A journey beyond the boundaries of civilization»

The officer of the Third Reich, Henry Harrer, has everything. He has a successful job, he is known and predicted him fame and success on the party field. But it’s not enough for him. He wants to conquer the impregnable top of the Himalayas. So he leaves a pregnant wife at home for this purpose and goes on a journey.

However, the climbing began not as smoothly as he pictured to himself in the imagination. The German was almost killed and taken prisoner. Then, long wanderings fall on him until he gets to the Tibetan city, where he meets the young Dalai Lama, becoming his close friend.

Together with the inhabitants of Lhasa, he is experiencing the fall of Tibet and the coming of Communist China, which will determine the fate of Henry forever.

Diarios de motocicleta (2004)

«Let the world change you… and you can change the world»

The future revolutionary hero Ernesto Che Guevara made a trip on a motorcycle to Latin America with his friend in 1952. They saw the life of ordinary Latin Americans with their own eyes and have changed a lot.

It is believed that this journey has greatly affected on Che Guevara, becoming one of the reasons for his struggle. It was one of his two major journeys to these countries and the authors of the films tried to give us the appropriate atmosphere.

Into the Wild (2007)

«Into the heart. Into the soul»

The film is based on the story that took place in Alaska…

Emory is a student, who has obtained a diploma, decides to radically change her life. He withdraws from the account 24 000 dollars, accumulated for all time, and transfers them to the charity fund. Then he assembles a backpack and hitchhiking travels to Alaska, where he plans to plunge into the wild.

Meetings with different people, nature, yourself… When he reached Alaska, he had found an abandoned bus, settles there and began a new lifestyle.

But is he prepared enough for such a difficult trip, does he know about the dangers that can wait for him in those parts?

Two for the Road (1967)

«They make something wonderful out of being alive»

It is a film with the incomparable Audrey Hepburn in the title role!

Marriage couple Mark and Joanna are experiencing a crisis in relationships and marriage, therefore they decide to visit the French Riviera. There they met and there began their relationship when he was a student and explored monuments, and she was a musician.

They quarreled a lot and traveled many times around Europe… Their marriage was on the verge of breakup… But despite strong arguments in favor of divorce, they love each other and want to be together!

Touching the Void (2003)

«The closer you are to death. The more you realize you are alive»

It is a screen version of the novel about a world-famous climber and one of his legendary stories that happened in his life. This is a story about the climb Joe Simpson and his friend to the top of the Andes in 1985.

Trying to conquer the seven thousandth top, they successfully climb up, but during the descent a terrible weather overtook them. Joe is injured and breaks his leg. The struggle for survival begins… during which they will have to make very difficult decisions.

Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia (1973)

«Who found a friend that found a treasure!»

An old, kind comedy for fans and admirers of Soviet films and Russian cinema.

Somewhere in Rome, in the hospital, a Russian immigrant died in her old age. But before that, she managed to say that her treasure is hidden in Russia. All would be nothing, but besides her granddaughter, for whom the information was intended, a number of very enterprising people heard about it.

And all of them travel to the USSR, where they try to find a treasure in a race, because this is a fortune!

Interstate 60 (2001)

«All your answers will be questioned»

It is the film, which has become not just a classic. It marked the beginning of a whole legend, on the basis of which a part of the U.S. tourism industry is being built. We are talking about a non-existent track 60.

It started like this. The mischievous O. W. Grant, a strange and funny man, who can fulfill your wish and twist it upside down, meets Neal Oliver.

Neal is fine – and has provided parents, beautiful bride and the gorgeous career of a lawyer is ahead of you. But recently he is constantly dreaming of a mysterious girl.

Mysterious Grant is calling Oliver for a ride on track 60. It is not on the map of the United States, but according to Grant, there is his strange, so it’s worth the risk and goes on this journey!

Cast Away (2000)

«And I know what I should do next… I should keep breathing because the sun will rise tomorrow again…»

Chuck Noland is the new Robinson Crusoe. Although no, not so… He will become his then, for now – a meticulous and scrupulous inspector in the delivery service FedEx in front of you. His life is planned out by the minute, and he did not even know that he would have to break out of this rhythm… Until one day an airplane, on which Chuck flies on business, falls the ocean.

Only our hero survives on an uninhabited island, where for many years he will spend alone with himself and nature fighting for survival and producing own food, water and protected from animals.

The article will not be complete without your additions! Please tell me which filmsabout traveling you like the most. Maybe I missed something and you advise me to add something new to the list?

By the way, you can combine pleasant with useful and watch these films in English in order to learn it better! Read more about this in the article «How to learn English by yourself».

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