Lottery «Green Card 2017». Part one: how to fill out the questionnaire and win?

Despite the fact that emigration, in general, even including it in the United States, doesn’t quite fit the theme of my blog, I still decided to write a detailed article about the manual of the lottery Green Card 2016-2017-2018. As many people know, that I don’t like hucksters intermediaries.

No, I don’t mind that a competent accountant would fill out reports to the tax, but I am against the fact that some one-day companies are taken your money for a free service; moreover, they are done a disservice by lowering the chances of winning. Therefore, the idea was born to create an article about how to fill out the questionnaire for the Green Card, to win the lottery DV and to emigrate to live in the United States. It is a cherished dream of many people, so why don’t I help to implement it for my readers? With a great joy!

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