Akkerman – is the largest fortress in Eastern Europe

During my second trip to Odessa, I had a little extra time. At the same time – the hotel where I mistakenly settled was terrible. The next day I was going to move to a good hotel and going to the conference. Thanks to it I came for free to this Pearl of the sea. At that moment I decided not to waste time and go to see something interesting.

During the planning of the trip, I became interested in the city of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. It is famous for its Akkerman fortress. As a traveler and a historian, I could not pass by. Therefore leaving my things at the hotel I immediately went to the railway-station. I took a bus to the city of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky and arrived here in a few hours.

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Auschwitz – is a concentration camp as a symbol of human cruelty

The Third Reich is «famous» for the whole world not only because it unleashed one of the bloodiest wars ever happening in the world, but also the brutal attitude towards prisoners of war and even their own fellow citizens who were not of that faith or nation. There are Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Ukrainians, and Russians. Experiments were conducted on them and killed. All these atrocities carried out in concentration camps, the most famous of which surely is Auschwitz.

After the military occupation of the USSR and Nazi Germany of Poland on the territory controlled by Germany in 1940, near the town of Auschwitz was created a complex of camps, which existed until 27 January 1945. In this regard, it is a «record holder».

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Christmas fairs and markets in Vienna 2017

Christmas – is like a fairy tale. I don’t know why Orthodox Christmas is not celebrated with the same atmosphere. Perhaps, it is all because of the efforts that the communist regime makes for this. However, Christmas is associated for our inhabitants with a visiting of the Church on the correct date. That is all. There are some differences between Catholics and Christians. When we speak about Christmas, we subconsciously think about the Western holiday. It celebrates on December, 25. There are immediately associations with a Christmas tree, a smell of tangerines, cinnamon and almond biscuits…

That is why it is always wonderful to go to Europe on Christmas with its indescribable Christmas fairs. In December 2015, I was lucky to visit the capital of Austria – Vienna. There was the time of the midst of the Christmas markets. There were dozens of fairs throughout the city. And the largest one was under the town hall… There were festive Christmas trees at every step. The Christmas atmosphere covers you at the airport and does not let go before your departure.

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Belgrade Zoo (Serbia). Information for tourists, photos and reviews

To be honest – I don’t really like zoos. But that day, while walking in the evening in Belgrade, I was thinking to go to shoot a failed subway, studying the map and see a zoo which was located right next to the fortress, where I spent the first half of the day. As a result, it was decided to go for a walk and relax, because I had a long trip by train Belgrade-Bar.

I’ll be honest, looking at before – I’m not sorry that took the time to visit the zoo. It is huge and beautiful. There are a few of the hundreds species of animals, including very exotic ones. And to spend time here – is a pleasure! Therefore, I invite you, my dear readers, to go with me to a fascinating walk through the Belgrade zoo!

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Four reasons for not using low-cost airlines

I am an honest man and don’t like to don’t like to prevaricate. So I decided to stop singing the praises for budget airlines. It’s time to show the other side of the coin. In this article I have collected the main disadvantages that you can feel when flying low-cost airlines. Somewhere they are applicable, some are not. And already considering all these points, everyone decides – whether to fly on such low-cost airlines or not.

Yes, of course…There are not too little advantages at the same time. This is the newest aircrafts in the fleet, the ultra-cheap tickets and a developed network of routes. But our task for today is to learn the disadvantages. This does not mean that you cannot fly low-cost airlines. It is necessary! But with the caveat to these nuances:

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Sarajevo 2013, in detail

There are a few details from my visit to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina in March, 2013. I was then passing through, returning home from Mostar. The plane was in two days, so I was taking a room in a hotel near the historic center. I wandered along the city for two days.

I will be writing separately and much more about Sarajevo, as well as about Bosnia. As it is one of my favorite countries. But in order to write any post for today about the details that I noted for myself, I decided to put it in a separate article.

In general, there are a lot of details in the Balkans, but they are not very evident to the citizens of the former Soviet Union. So, those things that surprise many tourists are ordinary for us. As it is the legacy of Yugoslavia.

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How to choose a seat in the aircraft: tips and schemes

The flights no matter how long it will is exhausting by itself and it is also harmful. So, if you have the opportunity to create at least some extra comfort – this should be used. One of those important nuances – a choice of the best seats in the aircraft.

Firstly, you need to realize that there is simply no ideal seats on an aircraft. It should be selected individually for oneself, based on your needs, what I’m going to say in this article. So, for example, I like to sit near the engine at the porthole, where, in fact, is the noisiest place. It is dangerous and the view is covered by half of the wing. But this is related to my first flight and habit. Therefore, let’s look at the root of the problem: how to choose a seat in the aircraft, based on your personal needs?

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Online check-in for the flights of Turkish Airlines

I want to visually examine «online check-in» for the aircraft of the airline Turkish Airlines in this article. I recommend you to do this by «online check-in» in the Internet without any queues and in a quiet atmosphere. This will not only save time at the airport but also you can choose your favorite seats on the plane among the first, which is very important, especially on long flights.

It is worth noting that, unfortunately, online check-in for the flight is not available at all airports. For example, when I was departing from Sarajevo, I could not take advantage of this opportunity. In other cases, «online check-in» helped me a lot: you cannot rush and don’t stand in the queue. This option can be considered indispensable if you don’t have checked-in baggage and only have carry-on luggage. So, upon your arrival at the airport, you need to immediately go to the check-in counter and security check.

Well, let’s skip the theory for later; let’s analyze everything with a concrete example.

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