Online check-in for the flights of Turkish Airlines

I want to visually examine «online check-in» for the aircraft of the airline Turkish Airlines in this article. I recommend you to do this by «online check-in» in the Internet without any queues and in a quiet atmosphere. This will not only save time at the airport but also you can choose your favorite seats on the plane among the first, which is very important, especially on long flights.

It is worth noting that, unfortunately, online check-in for the flight is not available at all airports. For example, when I was departing from Sarajevo, I could not take advantage of this opportunity. In other cases, «online check-in» helped me a lot: you cannot rush and don’t stand in the queue. This option can be considered indispensable if you don’t have checked-in baggage and only have carry-on luggage. So, upon your arrival at the airport, you need to immediately go to the check-in counter and security check.

Well, let’s skip the theory for later; let’s analyze everything with a concrete example.


1. Online check-in for scheduled flights of Turkish Airlines starts 24 hours before departure. It is very convenient because you can check-in at home even if then you go to the airport by train or bus across the country. You do this slowly, in a relaxed atmosphere, and not rushing to the nearest cafes in search of WiFi.

Attention! If the flight consists of several flights, the check-in becomes available 24 hours before the departure of the last one!

The beginning of the online check-in starts with going to the Turkish Airlines website where you will be asked to indicate the E-Ticket Number or PNR code (Booking Reference) and also the First Name and Last Name of the passenger, then you click Continue >>

In this case, pay attention to the checkbox «To start online check-in only for mentioned passenger please click». This is a function for those who have several people in the ticket, and you want to check-in only for the passenger whose First Name and Last Name has just indicated. The checkbox is not marked by default, and it is not necessary for us in most cases.

Turkish Airlines online check-in

Turkish Airlines online check-in

***Please keep your booking reference and e-ticket number confidential for your own security.

2. If all the data in the first step, you pointed out correctly, you will be directed to next page. It is used to select the flight for check-in, to specify the number of bonus account Turkish Airlines or other airlines belonging to the Star Alliance (Frequent Flyer Card Number) and your Nationality. Attention! The Republic of Turkey ID Number fills only by the citizens of the Turkish Republic. Then click Continue >>

Note that flights to which the functions of online check-in are already available marked as Available to Check-in.

Start of online registration for Turkish Airlines flight

Start of online registration for Turkish Airlines flight

3. There will be a new inscription at the bottom. You need to check the corresponding checkbox in a green field which means that you agree with the rules, and you again click Continue >>

You need to accept the conditions of online check-in for the flight

You need to accept the conditions of online check-in for the flight

***I accept the above conditions and would like to continue check-in.

4. So, we got to the step where you need to specify for yourself and other passengers your seat. You can read about «What seat better to choose» in a separate article.

As you can see, we have the airplane diagram and a schematic image of all passenger seats of our class. There are white and empty squares which mean vacant seats and we can choose them. You choose and click on them with the mouse and the corresponding seat will appear opposite your name (Passenger Name). After this procedure, you click Continue >> If you have the flight with changes, you will be asked to choose seats in other aircraft. You must do it!

After we will choose seats in all segments of the flights, we will be able to go to the next page.

You can choose a seat on the Turkish Airlines online

You can choose a seat on the Turkish Airlines online

5. Your check-in is actually finished. In this step, you can still go back and change your seats, but before you will print the boarding passes.

So, now you need to Print all Boarding Passes in the appropriate column. You will need to go directly for the flight with these sheets. Try not to crumple, as I did by stuffing it into my trouser pocket because the scanner counted only security code with a 5th attempt from the Boarding Pass in the Donetsk airport. I had to be nervous.

Print Boarding Pass from Turkish Airlines

Print Boarding Pass from Turkish Airlines

Please note that you will not get on the aircraft without Boarding Pass! Please don’t lose these papers. I recommend to print a few copies and to put them in different places, and the one copy carry with you on a flash drive in the electronic version for reliability (I suggest looking at my article about the documents on the trip).

6. Printing the Boarding Pass is carried out in the following way: after clicking on the Print button of the corresponding flight, you get a pop-up window (make sure that they are not blocked by your browser!)

Printing boarding passes

Printing boarding passes

You click here «Please click here to print the boarding pass» for sending to the printer to print and necessarily save it on the computer like «Please click here to download the boarding pass». You must repeat it for each boarding flight.

***If the passengers have made the ticket payment via internet or call center, the main credit card is required to be tucked away during the boarding time.

It has never met in practice, but just in case, don’t check-in and buy tickets by a virtual credit card – pay it for the physical one.

7. That’s all! Congratulations and have a nice flight!

Are there any questions? Ask them in the comments!

Answers to frequently asked questions

What to do with the luggage?

If you have a checked luggage, then you will have to pass it. As a rule — you need to stand in a queue for this with those who register for the flight (even if you have the boarding passes). Only at some airports, there is a separate track for the passenger like you (with the boarding passes) and even an automatic check-in machine for the luggage. If you only have carry-on – you will go right to the landing.

I checked-in for the flight, but I couldn’t print the boarding passes because instead of the Print button I see only the Info button.

There are a number of reasons why the service doesn’t print the boarding pass. In such cases, you can get them during check-in at the check-in counter along with everyone.

I bought a ticket at a Travel Agency and online check-in is not available to me. Is this true?

Yes, indeed. Travel Agencies are buying seats by «blocks». You can check-in only at the airport.

Could require my card at the airport with which I paid for the tickets?

Yes, but only if you bought tickets directly on this airline’s website.

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