Lottery «Green Card 2017». Part one: how to fill out the questionnaire and win?

Despite the fact that emigration, in general, even including it in the United States, doesn’t quite fit the theme of my blog, I still decided to write a detailed article about the manual of the lottery Green Card 2016-2017-2018. As many people know, that I don’t like hucksters intermediaries.

No, I don’t mind that a competent accountant would fill out reports to the tax, but I am against the fact that some one-day companies are taken your money for a free service; moreover, they are done a disservice by lowering the chances of winning. Therefore, the idea was born to create an article about how to fill out the questionnaire for the Green Card, to win the lottery DV and to emigrate to live in the United States. It is a cherished dream of many people, so why don’t I help to implement it for my readers? With a great joy!

UPD. The article was supplemented and updated on October 5, 2017.


What is a Green Card and why is it needed?

Green Card – is, in fact, a residence permit in the United States or rather – the document which confirming the presence of this residence permit. It gives the right to live, to study, to work and to serve in the USA army. Thus, everyone who wants to legally emigrate to the New World and try to reach the American Dream, should get this piece of plastic.

There are several ways to get the Green Card:

  • Marriage with a USA citizen
  • Invitation of American companies to work
  • Family reunion
  • A diversification lottery (DV lottery)

I will consider the last method (way).

What is the diversification lottery (DV lottery)?

USA – is a country of immigrants. 99.9% of the current population are emigrants and their descendants, therefore, in contrast to Europe, to deal with emigration is difficult there. Because, they will have to fight with themselves.

Most of the migrants are families of those who have already arrived here. Including people from the countries, whose inhabitants is already enough here, if tolerant saying. And the country needs an influx of adequate people from other parts of the world, in order to somehow «dilute» the current situation. Then was invented the lottery of Green Card.

Millions of people from all over the world the Green Card questionnaire every year, in the hope of winning it or someone fill out it just of excitement. Applications are accepted a whole month, usually in October.

After that, the computer selects at random form the winners from all profiles, taking into account the limit which is established for each region. There selects approximately 100,000 winners every year, each of whom is interviewed and has the opportunity to obtain a residence permit for himself and his family members. Therefore, 50,000 Green Cards are issued every year.

There was a short interview with the Vice-Consul of the USA – Jeremy Little – on the website, and there are his answers to the most popular questions of my readers. In addition, you can learn about the nuances of participation in the lottery Green Card from the horse’s mouth. Read more: About Green Cards from the horse’s mouth

The intermediaries, scammers and why you should not need to trust them? 

A bunch of «intermediaries», «official representation» and other bullshit have spread in the Internet, designed for suckers, in order to make a buck on you.

I’ll try to spell out why you don’t need to use intermediaries:

  • Well, first of all, they make money on you. Official participation in the lottery is free, and at the same time the intermediaries take $ 30-150 for what you can fill the questionnaire with minimal knowledge of English, or simply by using the tips in this blog.
  • If a person has no knowledge of English, even at level, in order to fill out the questionnaire of ten points, what’s the point to participate? Yes, the intermediary will fill out the questionnaire. You can even win the lottery, but the winning does not mean automatically obtain a residence permit. You will have the interview at the Embassy, where you simply will not get a residence permit without knowledge of English.
  • Don’t think that they have «connections». As, in the case, with intermediaries in the registration of Schengen, it is all bullshit and even more. The winners truly determine the computer, even there was a situation when there were declared as invalid results due to a system failure in 2012.
  • Often, after receiving the application, the intermediary submits it every year without your knowledge. But, according to the rules of the lottery, a person can only once a year, otherwise it will be disqualified. Is the idea clear? Once you want to try your luck again, and suddenly you will break the rules. Or maybe two offices will submit the questionnaire at the same time… Again – disqualification. Sometimes you can be disqualified after winning and your interview at the Embassy! The statistics of previous years showed that 70% of applications from Ukraine – are completely duplicates!
  • The intermediaries often extort large sums of money, up to several thousand dollars from the «winners». They do this simply: when they register you, they enter their email address for obtaining the winning number, which the winner will need to go to the interview, so the winner has no chance except to agree to these conditions. Now it has already figured out how to deal with it: there is not required the code. But the card will come to this address if you win…
  • I’m not talking about the fact that you provide your personal information to an unknown office (intermediaries).
The official website of the lottery Green Card!

The official website of the lottery Green Card!

As you can see, the participation through intermediary is fraught with problems. You you’re your money and you significantly reduce your chances of winning… Do you need it? No. Then remember the main rules:

  1. The participation in the lottery Green Card is free of charge
  2. The only official website of the lottery – Scammers use similar addresses, be vigilant! I repeat: the official website is the only one, and it is only on English.

Okay, we sorted it out. I think I convinced you. Go ahead!

How to fill out the questionnaire for the Green Card?

So, you’ve decided to participate in the lottery. First you need to be patient and wait for the application period.


To avoid further confusions, I explain a few things with years and dates. The lottery for 2016, 2017 and 2018 years – ended. There is accepting applications for the DV-2019 in 2017.

It means:

  • Reception of questionnaires will be held in autumn 2017
  • The lottery will take place in spring 2018
  • You will need to pass the interview and get visa until a certain period in 2018; otherwise the results will be canceled.
  • You will still hear that the people submit the questionnaire on the lottery Green Card 2017 in the people and the Internet. So, don’t worry! They have not invented the time machine, they just confused in terms.

So, write down in a calendar that it is time to fill out the questionnaire somewhere in the middle of October. Keep in mind that it is important to apply the questionnaire in time. If you will do it sooner or later, it will not effect on chances of getting the win.

I recommend preparing a photo in electronic form for the documents in advance. It will be needed for the questionnaire.

With the beginning of acceptance of the questionnaires we must go to the website of the lottery and begin to fill out it. You are given 30 minutes for filling, after which the session will be closed and you have to start all over again. However, if you don’t get distracted, this time will be enough for you.

We begin filling out the questionnaire for participation

We begin filling out the questionnaire for participation

 All the data is filled, traditionally, by Latin letters, exactly as indicated in your international passport.

The questionnaire consists of two parts. The first one should be completed by all participants.


You can fill out a questionnaire for a Green Card

You can fill out a questionnaire for a Green Card


  • Last/Family Name – your surname
  • First Name – your own name
  • Middle Name – the second name. Don’t confuse with the patronymic. If the second name is not specified in the international passport, then note the check box «No Middle Name».

If you have no the international passport, you should watch how your name and surname are written on the driver’s license or another document with the Latin alphabet.


Note the check box «Male» or «Female».

Birth Date

  • Month – choose the month of your birth
  • Day – choose the day of your birth
  • Year – choose the year of your birth

City Where You Were Born – the city of your birth. You must enter the name of your city, for example – Kiev. Nothing else is needed to specify: Do not enter District/Country/Province/State. If you don’t know the city of your birth for some reason, and it is not specified in your birth certificate, you note the check box «Birth City Unknown».

Country Where You Were Born – you select the country of birth from the drop-down list. You choose the modern name of the country (for example, if you were born in the USSR, on the territory of modern Belarus, then you indicate Belarus).

County of Eligibility for the DV Program – you select the country from which you will participate in the lottery. You can see in the drop-down list – only the countries which eligible this year to participate in the lottery Green Card. If the country where you were born, is eligible to participate, you just select in the check box «Are you claiming eligibility based on the country where you were born?» – you mark «Yes».

If your country is not available, you still have the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in the United States. You can apply from the country in which was born your husband or wife, provided that you apply for two people. And the second, if none of your parents were born in the country where was born you, you can select the country of birth of any of your parents. Then you note the check box «No» and select the desired country from the list.

The choice of country from which you will play the lottery Green Card

The choice of country from which you will play the lottery Green Card

Many people use also this in order to apply from the country with a higher probability of getting a card in this lottery. Most importantly, remember that you will be checked the right to apply from another country.

Entrant Photography

Photography for the Green Card

Photography for the Green Card

Do you remember that I told you to prepare a photo for documents in electronic form? It should be loaded here. The main requirements of a photo for a Green Card:

  • Light background
  • Clear color photo
  • The face in focus
  • No processing
  • No hats, glasses, etc.
  • The weight of the photo is no more than 240 KB
  • 300 dpi resolution
  • The dimensions of 600×600 pixels (aspect ratio 1:1)
  • The photo is not older than 6 months at the time of application (it means new!)

Mailing Address

It is a very important point, because it will receive documents, notices, invitations.

Attention! The Consulate of the USA never associated with lottery participants by e-mail or phone, only by sending paper correspondence to this address! Knowing of this will help you to protect yourself from scammers!

You filled all in Latin letters, but that the postman understood what he needed to do with it. I have trained postmen by my postcrossing and they have already known what means «PO Box», but I’m sure that your postman from Russia doesn’t know what it means. So, it will be better if you write «Abonentskiy Yashik» near the «PO Box».

  • In Care Of – the name to which the mailbox is registered. If this is your mailing address, then you can leave this blank.
  • Address Line 1 – specify the street, the house number, the apartment number or subscriber’s box (PO Box)… If you don’t fit (due to restrictions on the length of the line in the system), then you are continuing in the Address Line 2.
  • City/Town – enter the name of the city or other locality.
  • District/Country/Province/State – the name of your region/province/district/block, etc.
  • Postal Code/Zip Code – you can find it at the post office or in the directory. If there is no index for some reason, you note the check box «No» near the Postal/Zip Code.
  • Country – you choose from the list the desired country.

Country Where You Live Today

Enter the country where you live in the moment. For example, you are a citizen of Latvia, but currently you live in Germany, then you choose Germany.

Phone Number

Enter the phone number in the international format. It may be necessary for communication (but not for reporting results, etc., as scammers do; only when you will have to be interviewed). For example, for Kiev it is +38 044 XXX-XX-XX, for Moscow +7 915 XXX-XX-XX and so on. That is, the country code, the city code and the number.

Email Address

Enter your e-mail address into «E-Mail Address» and re-enter it into «Confirm E-Mail Address». The address must be valid.

Education for the DV lottery

Education for the DV lottery

What is the highest level of education you have achieved, as of today?

If you get a diploma in a month, but you don’t have it at the time of filling the questionnaire, then you have «Some University Courses» and so on.

  1. Primary school only – i.e. you have studied in school for at least 4 years, but have not finished the full 11 grades (or in another educational institution). For example, you left school after 8th grade and then never studied anywhere. The same applies to those who study in the school at the time of filling the questionnaire, until the 11th grade, or at the first year of College/Vocational Schools.
  2. High School, no degree – you have completed secondary education (graduated 11 grades of the school or got it in another institution, for example, at the 1st year of College), but don’t have a certificate of complete secondary education. This applies, for example, for students who are study at the 2-4 courses of the college, because a certificate is usually issued at the end of studying together with a diploma.
  3. High School degree – you graduated from the 11th grade and have a certificate of secondary education.
  4. Vocational School – you graduated from Vocational School or College, where you obtained a profession and a complete secondary education.
  5. Some University Courses – an incomplete higher education, which means that you have studied or are currently studying at the University, but haven’t finished it. This includes the diploma of the College, which is obtained after 11 years in school and 3years in College.
  6. University Degree – you have a diploma of a specialist, engineer or bachelor’s degree.
  7. Some Graduate Level Courses – if you have a bachelor’s degree and continue to study at the master’s degree (having passed the exam at least one academic year at the master’s degree).
  8. Master’s Degree – if you have a master’s degree or specialist’s diploma (5-5,5 years of study at the University a high rating).
  9. Some Doctorate Level Courses – if you study in graduate school.
  10. Doctorate Degree – you have defended Doctor’s or Candidate’s Degree.

What is your current marital status?

Enter your current marital status which is legally registered.

  • Unmarried – have never married before
  • Married
  • Divorced
  • Winnowed
  • Legally Separated – there is no such status in post-Soviet countries, so do not specify it.

Attention! I repeat, that you must note only legally fixed relations. For example, civil marriage does not applicable to «Married».

Number of Children

The number of children that you have at the time of filling the questionnaire. You must specify the number of all your children here who are unmarried and have not reached the age of 21. For example, if you are married to someone with children from a previous marriage, you must specify them too. If there are no children – you entered nothing.

The filling of the first part of the questionnaire is finished. Click Continue >> If you specify children or you are married, then you will have the 2nd part of the questionnaire (Part 2). If not, then skip to the next part of my article.

You fill out the data of family members in the 2nd part, including you add their photos. The principle is the same as with you.

Filling out the data of family members

Filling out the data of family members

Then you again click Continue >> and get to the data verification page. You are given the last chance to make changes if you make a mistake. Be careful.

You need to click «Go Back to Part 1» if you want to make changes. In any case, do not use the «back» button of your browser!

In addition, there are two buttons. Cancel Entry – in order to withdraw your application. Continue >> – a cherished button, which completes the submission of your questionnaire to the lottery!

Please note. After clicking this button, you will see a Confirmation Number. Write it down, because it will be very useful and it is not impossible for recovery. That’s all, waiting for the month of May in order to find out the results.

Be sure to remember and write down this information

Be sure to remember and write down this information

Checking the results of the lottery Green Card

As I said, next spring usually in early May, you can find out the lottery results on this website. To do this, you go to the official lottery website and find the section for checking the status of the application for your lottery.

How to know the results of Green Card lottery online?

How to know the results of Green Card lottery online?

Here we need to enter the same Confirmation Number, Last/Family Name, Year of Birth and Authentication (the captcha for bot protection). Then you click on Submit >> to get to the main screen with the results, where it can be reported that you have won a Green Card (something like «Approximately 100,000 individuals were registered for further processing. Therefore, it is most important that you carefully follow instructions to increase your chances of possible visa issuance»)!

Collecting documents for the interview of the Green Card

As I said, winning the lottery does not guarantee getting a Grand Card, therefore, incorrect to say that you have won a Green Card; you only have won the lottery. You have to go through the costly and difficult way of collecting documents and interviews if you want to get it.

About the collection of documents, the medical examination and the payment of the interview and about the interview itself, I will explain in the next article of this series.


Can my husband and I submit two questionnaires, one for each?

Yes, you can submit two questionnaires. Every man submits for himself, pointing each other as spouses if your marriage is officially registered. Thus, you increase your chances of winning twice, and it is without breaking the rules of the lottery.

Is it true that the Green Card lottery was canceled or will soon be canceled?

No, that’s all really for today. Bills on the termination of the lottery slip from time to time in the Senate, but none of them haven’t passed the full way of the law and was not adopted. And so, as always, everything will remain on paper. My personal opinion – is while Barack Obama is the President of the USA, the ban will not adopted in any way.

Can a tourist visa be refused because of participation in the Green Card lottery?

It is a very common and logical question. After all, you must convince the Consul when obtaining a tourist visa to the USA that you have little interest in permanent residence in the USA. But, by submitting an application to participate, you literally shout that: «I am interested to live in America!»

There is such a point in the questionnaire for a tourist visa DS-156 form as «Have you or your relatives applied for an immigration visa?», the answer «YES» is to which usually deprives you of the chance of getting the cherished sticker in the passport.

There is unfortunately no exact answer. During my meeting with the Vice-Consul of the USA, he gave the following answer: it can influence but in extremely small fraction. There are much more important details that will pay the attention of the visa officer.

There are rumors, disputes, but as a fact: many people don’t get then a simple visa, and, at the same time, someone gets. I’ve heard, they say that it is a prejudice, but I’ve heard it from those who won the lottery and did not apply for an ordinary tourist visa after that.

There is an opinion that if you only participate – it’s okay, but if you win and sent the documents – then you will get no visa anymore.

Remember, you act at your own peril and risk!

Is it free to get a Green Card?

No, only the participate in the lottery is free. If you win you need to pay $ 165 for the interview with the Consul + an expensive medical examination (~$ 200). If the results of issuance the card are approved for you, it will cost about $ 330 per applicant when received the card in the Consulate of the USA.

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    Michael says:

    Well, thank you for your advice, it’s very useful. I would like to ask you, last year, in 2018 I and my wife and I asked for a green card, hoping to go to America.

    Whenever this is the moment of the results, and we put down our codes but we failed. : ((


    Question: Is there a case to choose us to solve the program? and when I go back to my code to confirm to me that we have succeeded ????
    to try every week I change something; or is it unfair? that it has become of the old age?


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