How to get a visa to Sri Lanka independently. Instructions

I continue a unique series of articles about the independent getting visas in the different parts of the world without overpayments and unnecessary intermediaries. At the request of one of the readers, now I will show and tell you in practice how to get a visa to Sri Lanka through the Internet.

Sri Lanka – is a small island state which is located next to India. It bathed by the waters of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. Thanks to its location in Southeast Asia, warm climate and nice beaches, it is gaining popularity among tourists. Moreover, the visa can be got very quickly and easily online on the Internet. Rather, this is another pro-visa. It is a «permission to enter» to Sri Lanka on the basis of which the border guard will put your visa.

This opportunity has appeared among tourists since the beginning of 2012. It applies to both citizens of Russia and Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, USA, Canada, UK, New Zeland, Australia, European etc. If you wish to visit the island for tourism, you can not apply for a visa at the Embassy. You just can go to the Internet and get the Tourist ETA visa. After that, you should just print out the document and provide it when boarding the flight and to the visa officer in Sri Lanka.

The article is relevant for 2017.

Please note that you may be required a return ticket at the time of stamping visa at the airport on the basis of electronic authorization!

The electronic authorization is issued for a period of 30 days from the date of arrival. It can be extended for up to six months.

The cost of this tourist visa with double entry for 30 days for the citizens of the CIS countries – is $ 35. It should be noted that the transit visa for 2 days is free of charge. In addition, the consular fee is not charged for children up to 12 years of age.

If you did not receive an electronic authorization before arrival, then you can request this permission at the airport BMA (!). And if it is approved, you will pass passport control. This visa will cost you $ 40. At that time, you may not board on the aircraft without this permission.


If you want to stay in Sri Lanka longer after 30 days, you can extend it for 90 days from the day of arrival. For this, you must personally appear at the Visa Department of the Immigration Department.

That is all. Let’s start to fill out the permission for visa! To do this, you should follow this link to the official website.

The start of filling out of the visa to Sri Lanka on the Internet

The start of filling out of the visa to Sri Lanka on the Internet

In front of us – we can see the rules of getting, paying and using of the visa. You must click on «I Agree» button at the bottom of the screen. Then you will go to the next step.

You specify the desired type of visa

You specify the desired type of visa

Please pay attention to the left column. Here are all the necessary options of visas, including free transit, group, etc. All of them are similar, so I will consider the most relevant for my readers – an individual travel visa. Therefore, we select the item «Apply for an individual» on the upper left.

An example of filling a questionnaire for getting the ETA Sri Lanka

An example of filling a questionnaire for getting the ETA Sri Lanka

There is a very long form in front of us that you will have to carefully fill. If you click on the image – it will increase. There is the description of all necessary fields below.

  • Surname/Family Name – your surname (as in international passport)
  • Other/Given Names – your name (as in international passport)
  • Title – form of treatment
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Country of Birth
  • Occupation – place of work
  • Passport Number – the number of your international passport, which will be used to enter the country
  • Passport Issued Date – the date of issuance of this passport
  • Passport Expiry Date – the expiration date of the international passport
  • Child information in parent’s passport – if the child is registered in your passport and he fly with you – you must click on «Enable» button which is to the right of the line.

Please note that for children under 16 years of age who have their own passport must be filled in a separate questionnaire.

If you marked children in your international passport, they are required to be entered into the questionnaires. You must specify their surname, name, date of birth, gender. Then you specify the item Child in the Relationship line. This you will add it to the list by clicking «Add Child». You should check everything in order the information appears below in the numbered list. If you have more than one child, you have to add them too.

You will go to the «Travel Information» section.

  • Intended Arrival Date – the expected date of arrival at the airport
  • Purpose of Visit – why are you going there

The following fields do not need to be filled, but highly desirable. It will positively affect the chances of getting permission.

  • Port of Departure
  • Airline – the airline with which you are going to leave the country
  • Flight / Vessel Number – this is the booking number. The authenticity of your ticket can easily check via Amadeus. So make sure that you have used one of the methods of obtaining a return ticket and in its presence.

Then you need to fill out the contact information:

  • Address Line 1 – you should enter the street, house number and apartment
  • City – city of residence
  • State – region or province where you live
  • Zip / Postal Code
  • Country
  • Address in Sri Lanka – the address at which you intend to reside. Here you need to enter, for example, the address of the booked hotel or apartment accommodation.
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number – your contact phone number
  • Mobile Number
  • Fax Number – it is possible not to specify, but if you have it or there is a desire – specify. It is possible to rent online, it is very convenient).

And the last section – is the Declaration. Choose items Yes or No.

There are also questions:

  • Do you have a valid residence visa to Sri Lanka?
  • Are you currently in Sri Lanka with a valid ETA or obtained an extension of visa?
  • Do you have a multiple entry visa to Sri Lanka?

Then you will enter the «captcha» in order to confirm that you are a human, not a robot. Be sure to put check the box «I would like to confirm the above information is correct». And finally you will go to the next step by clicking the «Next» button.

Let's check everything again – is everything filled correctly?

Let’s check everything again – is everything filled correctly?

This stage is a mere formality. Let’s reread everything again and make sure that you have entered accurate information anywhere without making mistakes. If you suddenly found a mistake – you can change it by clicking the «Change» button.

But if everything is correct – you must go to payment. To do this, click on the «Confirm» button.

Payment for a visa to Sri Lanka is possible only by credit cards

Payment for a visa to Sri Lanka is possible only by credit cards

Payment, as you can see, possible only with the help of plastic bank cards: MasterCard, Visa or American Express. We choose our type of cards. Please do not forget that it is desirable to have a separate card with a small amount or to use a virtual one for payment on the Internet. You will go to the bank payment page, which is signed by the wrong certificate. I hope this will be fixed. But now we have to do it ourselves.

The example of an error in the Mozilla Firefox browser

The example of an error in the Mozilla Firefox browser

Here’s how it looks in Mozilla Firefox browser. In other browsers will be similar messages. Please click the «I understand the risk» button.

You need to confirm and install a certificate in the browser

You need to confirm and install a certificate in the browser

In the window that appears, you firstly choose to get a certificate and then to confirm the security exception.

The payment for the visa online

The payment for the visa online

Immediately after this, the payment will be available. Everything is standard as always when you make payment online: card number, expiration date of its expiry date, CVV2 code, and name on the card.

You will receive Confirmation Code after payment. It should be written down.

In the future you can track the status of reviewing your application on a special page by entering this number. However, if suddenly you forget it, do not worry! You can to manage it by with your passport number and citizenship.

You will find out on this page – have you got a permission. In the case of a positive decision – you will be able to download it. In the case of a negative decision – you are refused or the staff will contact with you for further details.

The question of getting a visa to Sri Lanka online on the Internet can be closed. Everything is accessible and understandable. If you have any questions – ask, do not hesitate!

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