How to choose a seat in the aircraft: tips and schemes

The flights no matter how long it will is exhausting by itself and it is also harmful. So, if you have the opportunity to create at least some extra comfort – this should be used. One of those important nuances – a choice of the best seats in the aircraft.

Firstly, you need to realize that there is simply no ideal seats on an aircraft. It should be selected individually for oneself, based on your needs, what I’m going to say in this article. So, for example, I like to sit near the engine at the porthole, where, in fact, is the noisiest place. It is dangerous and the view is covered by half of the wing. But this is related to my first flight and habit. Therefore, let’s look at the root of the problem: how to choose a seat in the aircraft, based on your personal needs?

Classes of seats on the aircraft

So, if you start to roughly divide all the seats on the aircraft, then initially they can be divided into seats of economy class, business-class and first-class.

  • Economy-class seats – are the cheapest class of seats on the aircraft, which are used mostly by travelers (although, more than that, the President of Lithuania is also flying in economy class seats and nothing at all). This is the base rate. As a rule, these are three rows of seats (two rows for narrowly fuselage aircraft) with three seats per row. is minimal. Comfort is like in a minibus: nothing superfluous, you are just delivered from point A to point B by the aircraft.
  • Business-class seats – are the seats which are enclosed from the economy-class by curtains. There is a little more space for the feet, plus – there are fewer seats (2 seats per row). In addition, the ticket price includes a menu with a meal and free alcoholic drinks. However, at the same time, the prices are higher about 5 times than in the economy-class, but, in fact, there is not much difference, especially you will not notice if you fly in a couple of hours on the aircraft. If anything, the food can be bought separately in economy-class, and the difference will be only 10-20 dollars.
  • First-class seats – are alternative seats to business class on the intercontinental flights. The prices are higher than in the business-class about10 times. For this, you will quickly register on the board; will get a high class of service and chic places (for example, there is the chair which is laid out on the sofa in some aircraft, that is – full-fledged reclining seats! Is it worth it? Everyone thinks for himself here, but this is clearly not a topic for our blog, we are discussing here «How to travel cheap and wonderful» =)

Therefore, most likely, economy-class seats – is the choice for the budget traveler, except when it is a free upgrade of the service class as a bonus, for example, in the UIA (Ukraine International Airlines).

Selecting seats on the aircraft

So, as I said, the best seats – are individual for everyone. You have to decide what seat is the best for you! Such questions are often asked before your first flight. I also shoveled the entire Internet for information about what seat to choose when going to fly on an aircraft. Then and over time you’ll find your perfect option, where you will feel comfortable and you will try to take a seat in the aircraft for yourself in the future. In the meantime, we will analyze the most common needs when choosing seats.

The sharklets with the Turkish Airlines logo are little brightened the cloudy sky below us

The sharklets with the Turkish Airlines logo are little brightened the cloudy sky below us

The safest seats on the aircraft

In general, the concept of the safe or dangerous seats on the aircraft is quite blurred. This is from which side to look. After all, you need to understand that there is no chance to survive in the fallen aircraft from a height whenever you would not be sitting. But the greatest number of accidents occurs often when performing takeoff or landing, like the result of errors of pilots or airport staff, due to poor coverage and the condition of the runway or other factors. In this case, you can escape. But again, how can you say where will be safer? After all, the aircraft can crash with its nose into the fence or it can catch the trees with its tail. Or, maybe, the engine can explode, the chassis may be blocked.

I’m not telling you this to scare you. I just to show you, that there is no the safest seat. However, you can choose a seat near the emergency exit. This is still safer in most cases. But most importantly, it’s your psychological belief that there is the safest seat in the aircraft. About what place will be near the emergency exit in a particular aircraft, you can find out from the layout of the seats, which will be discussed below.

The most comfortable seats on the aircraft

The most comfortable seats are usually considered places to be a seat in the first row. There you will not see the other passengers that mean you can comfortably stretch your legs, which will make them less numb. It is especially important for people with my height (more than 182 cm). Although, I admit that you don’t suffer much for two hours in the middle rows. In addition, it doesn’t shake so much in this part of the aircraft when it hits the turbulence zone and it is closer to the flight attendants. But there is far enough to go to the toilet. And be prepared for the fact that there will be babies and small children because such seats are usually reserved for them. Not everyone will be pleased with this neighborhood.

Looking for good places on the aircraft

Looking for good places on the aircraft

Seats with children and babies on the aircraft

Children have to fly either with a special seat belt attached to their parents (infants) or on a separate seat (children older than a certain age, which depending on the rules of the airline). Special seats for such passengers are not provided, even more so, infants are generally carried free. On the other hand, it is recommended to buy the first row. There is more space and sometimes there are special seats for feeding your children with mixtures. In addition, they will disturb fewer people, while the seat will not recline on them (babies).

Seats in the tail of the aircraft

When falling from a high altitude, the aircraft crashes forward with the nose, so the destruction is less likely capture the tail part of the aircraft. This was the reason for placing the «black box» in the tail of the aircraft, and this also served the opinion that here are the safest seats. As I said, it’s rather the psychology of auto-suggestion, but there are also advantages: as a rule, there are far fewer passengers on the non-very popular flights, who will disturb you. The same applies to passengers with children – as a rule, there you will not meet them, only if it’s not a charter to anywhere in the places of the Russian tourism in the high season.

Seats for sleeping on the aircraft

Seats for sleeping are found in first class on flights of such companies as, for example, the Emirates – for long flights. I have never met and seen only in pictures and photos of other travelers. It is even not interesting for me.

Standing places on the aircraft

The fiction, which is disseminated by the yellow press. Of course, the safety standards prohibit such nonsense and it has no basis. But the yellow press needs to sell themselves as well as failed Internet projects, therefore, they give out such pearls from time to time about that supposedly there will be standing places on the aircraft.

Bad seats on the aircraft

In my opinion, the worst seats are in the tail near the toilet just above the wing, where nothing is visible, and of course the seats that are in the row before the emergency exit which don’t recline the seat.

Arrangement (scheme) of the seats on the aircraft

And now, it is seemed that you have already decided on where and what seat you want. But before you start choosing a seat through the Internet or at the check-in counter (if you come there one of the first, as a rule, they don’t mind to give you a good seat. So, in Sarajevo, where there was no online check-in, they are given a great seat and even closed the registration in the next seat, so I flew like a king), you should find out what kind of seat, number, and row you need. For this, there are schemes of aircrafts of different models.

As a rule, the location of the seats on the aircrafts of different airlines is no different. That is, the location of the seats of the TRANSAERO and the Aeroflot on the same models of aircrafts will be the same, unless, it is not an individual order of the company (for example: with sleeping seats).

Where can I find out how are the seats on the aircraft located?

There is such a wonderful service called Seat Guru. It contains the schemes of the huge number of aircrafts on different flights with passengers’ reviews. It’s minus is that I don’t found some large companies especially low-cost airlines. But you can find schemes of other airlines for the same aircraft model. The difference is only in the reviews. But, what seats are near the partition, which are near the porthole, where the wings will obstruct the view for you – this information you will learn quite well enough.

For example, there is a diagram of Airbus 320 from Aeroflot below:

Arrangement of seats in the Airbus 320

Arrangement of seats in the Airbus 320

There is an arrangement of seats in the Boeing 777 and the Boeing 737.

Arrangement of seats in the cabin of Boeing 777

Arrangement of seats in the cabin of Boeing 777

Arrangement of seats in the cabin of Boeing 737

Arrangement of seats in the cabin of Boeing 737

You will know very soon which seats are suitable specifically for you, and if it possible, you will book exactly them. Unfortunately, you cannot choose a seat in advance in some low-cost companies like WizzAir. So be ready to fly on any seat.

Tips and tricks from me =)

On my experience, I can give the following advice:

  • Try independently to choose and reserve seats on the airline’s website. There are instructions on some of them in my blog, for example online check-in on Turkish Airlines.
  • If you have not reserved a seat, try to be one of the first at the check-in counter and ask: to give you a good seat and, if the flight is unpopular, to left the neighbor’s place empty. As a rule, at the check-in counter work people, just like you, who understand that you want to fly comfortably. Therefore, such requests, which are spoken with a sweet smile and the right degree of warmth in the voice, as a rule, ensure a good seat.
  • When flying in low-cost companies, where seats are no reserved for free, never get ahead of the crowd. First, because you will be driven to the aircraft by bus, where if you go down last, you will also enter the last one, which means that you will come out first, and you will not be pressed against the back wall. Secondly, you can go last if there are a lot of people on the flight.
  • It is about low-cost again. If you see that full house is scheduled for a flight – please stand on the field to last until you are driven into the plane. Your task – is to go last. The reason is simple: companies often just sell more seats than available, as about 90% of passengers stay on the flight. Someone changes plans, the other breaks down the trip, and the third will be late… The calculation is simple: if there are no enough seats, those who did not have enough will go… or on the enhanced-comfort seats (like WizzAir with an extra legroom), or even in the business-class.
  • When you are taking seats and understand that flying on flights which are crowded by Russian tourists who are not sparkling with intelligence, say a few words in English. Very often I was asked to sit next to the emergency exit so that in the event of an emergency could, I can react to the command and to open the exit. Many low-cost airlines have there the enhanced-comfort seats with additional legroom in these rows. However, this applies mostly to physically strong men who will not faint in an emergency situation and will be able to open the hatch and to help in the evacuation. Just keep in mind that you cannot put a carry-on luggage under the feet in this row, and sometimes there don’t recline the seat.
  • Choose the shadow side. That is, that the sun would not shine in the porthole. This will allow you to take pictures and just watch from the window for what is going on at the bottom. As the 99% of cases the flights are on the same route, then you will quickly learn by using my instruction on how to find out where, how and when you will fly on an aircraft. Spending 5 minutes of your time, you will find out where the sun and the shadow side will be located during your flight.
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