Four reasons for not using low-cost airlines

I am an honest man and don’t like to don’t like to prevaricate. So I decided to stop singing the praises for budget airlines. It’s time to show the other side of the coin. In this article I have collected the main disadvantages that you can feel when flying low-cost airlines. Somewhere they are applicable, some are not. And already considering all these points, everyone decides – whether to fly on such low-cost airlines or not.

Yes, of course…There are not too little advantages at the same time. This is the newest aircrafts in the fleet, the ultra-cheap tickets and a developed network of routes. But our task for today is to learn the disadvantages. This does not mean that you cannot fly low-cost airlines. It is necessary! But with the caveat to these nuances:


    Not all cities like Kiev have the main International Airport in 30 minutes away from the city. And «tested» low-cost airlines – is located in the heart of the city. In most cases, everything is exactly the opposite – low-cost airlines arrival at the airport, from which you still have a long way to go to the city. A striking example is the Sarajevo airport – where are regular flights and Tuzla – from which you need to go and go to the capital.

    In addition, budget airlines often perform their flights at very inconvenient time and depart and/or arrive late at night.

    The aircraft Wizzair – is a popular low-cost in Ukraine and Europe

    The aircraft Wizzair – is a popular low-cost in Ukraine and Europe

    All this creates additional expenses and inconveniences. In this case, you often have to spend money in a taxi, do not sleep half the night, and pay for the extra night in a hotel or sleep at the airport. And all this takes away your power and financial resources!

    For example – there is a regular flight Berlin-Tuzla for $ 35 and a flight Berlin-Sarajevo for $ 75. However, the first one arrives at 1:00 a.m. You will have to take a taxi to the city (about € 30) and a hotel for the extra night (€ 20-50). Is it worth saving? And whether such economy will be a problem for you? It is worth expecting a similar situation!


    You can hear that you must buy tickets for the month/week/3 months, strictly on Tuesday, in the afternoon, when Mars is in the third phase. It’s just a myth that has been replicated for a year from some foreign website. In fact, in most cases, it does not matter of principle on ordinary airlines. There are exceptions, such as:

    • All tickets sold out in economy class in super-popular direction and a very popular period
    • Rare shares with limited time the purchase of tickets or their number

    In all other cases, as a rule, the price of the tickets varies in the range of 10%. Moreover, tickets become more expensive or cheaper at almost the same time.

    There are not the same with low-cost airlines. Here the purchase of a ticket is usually done much in advance, sometimes for half a year. It is very inconvenient, because plans can always change. And tickets are usually non-refundable. And it is good, if it’s a cheap flight for € 10-30. But if there is a whole chain of flights for $ 120?

    Because of this, the pre-purchased ticket Kharkov-Belgrade, I was forced to abandon a three-month, fully paid internships in Germany.

    In addition, it is worth noting that the low-cost airline is selling tickets more expensive than competitors on holidays and popular days for certain directions.


    Low-cost – is the transfer of you from point A to point B. And there is nothing more… All the other services and facilities you will get only for a fee. And their price is not very small. This is money on what these airlines are living by.

    Let’s take, for example, a luggage. In most cases, you can carry only a carry-on luggage on board of the aircraft when fly low-cost airlines. And it is strictly limited in size and weight. The luggage is an additional privilege. And if you need to carry the suitcase – be ready to pay € 20-40 for each of them. The exception is flights which depart from countries such as Ukraine, where the minimum free baggage allowance set at the legislative level.

    Registration for a flight at the airport, buying extra baggage not through the Internet, but in the airport – all these are even more expensive. Feel free to throw in 50% of price or more.

    The aircraft of the airline Rynair – is one of the largest low-cost airlines in Europe

    The aircraft of the airline Rynair – is one of the largest low-cost airlines in Europe

    Do you love to fly near the porthole? Or do you fear of flying? And you want a seat in front where you feel much more comfortable? Then you also will pay a particular amount that depends on the airline and your wishes.

    Do you want to eat on the Board of the aircraft? Well, just pay. And if in some airlines (for example – Pegasus Airlines) for the day before the flight you can get quite a decent meal for € 20. Then in the same WizzAir you will be given only sweets and chips. At the same time, a pack of M&M would cost the same € 20! They will try to sell all this «drivel» throughout the flight. So, during one of my flights to Cyprus on board of the WizzAir, its staff simply was not given a safety briefing. But instead of it, they told me what I can buy on board of the aircraft.

    Thus, as I always explain to the readers, that the low-cost – is a kind of constructor. You take only those services that you need. And you should be sure that you will «win» when you collect the necessary fare.


    Surely, before you go on a trip, you learned in which countries the citizens of Ukraine and Russia can fly without visas. However, you suddenly decided to change aircraft at the airport where you need a visa to exit the city. So there is a visa-free transit at the airport. But it is worth waiting for a bunch of difficulties.

    In order that you understand, what this paranoid idea is in the low-costs airlines – I want to explain a nuance.  And only few people of novice travelers know this. If the airline took you on board of the aircraft, and the country, where you are flying on its flight, didn’t let you in because of problems with the visa – the airline must take you back to the place of departure at its own expense!

    Landing on the Airbus WizzAir before the flight Donetsk-Kutaisi

    Landing on the Airbus WizzAir before the flight Donetsk-Kutaisi

    This is why many low-cost companies refuse to work according to information from the international database Timatic. But, it is used by all other airlines. There are hundreds of cases when the landing is denied, even if the next flight you have by the same company and you have the right for visa-free transit. It is sometimes possible to achieve justice. But in most cases the passenger can simply «kick» from the airport. As a conclusion – there are a few missing tickets and a spoiled vacation.

As you have probably noticed, it can be called the real disadvantages with a stretch. The main thing – is to be able to analyze and plan. And in most cases, it is possible to fly on the low-cost airlines. You can turn negatives into positives. For example – the arrival in a nearby town is a great way to see the surrounding area, especially if you rent a car.

If you come to mind any more disadvantages, feel free to write your opinion! I’m interested in your view on this issue.

In the meantime… I wish you successful trips and all good!

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