Four reasons for not using low-cost airlines

I am an honest man and don’t like to don’t like to prevaricate. So I decided to stop singing the praises for budget airlines. It’s time to show the other side of the coin. In this article I have collected the main disadvantages that you can feel when flying low-cost airlines. Somewhere they are applicable, some are not. And already considering all these points, everyone decides – whether to fly on such low-cost airlines or not.

Yes, of course…There are not too little advantages at the same time. This is the newest aircrafts in the fleet, the ultra-cheap tickets and a developed network of routes. But our task for today is to learn the disadvantages. This does not mean that you cannot fly low-cost airlines. It is necessary! But with the caveat to these nuances:

As you have probably noticed, it can be called the real disadvantages with a stretch. The main thing – is to be able to analyze and plan. And in most cases, it is possible to fly on the low-cost airlines. You can turn negatives into positives. For example – the arrival in a nearby town is a great way to see the surrounding area, especially if you rent a car.

If you come to mind any more disadvantages, feel free to write your opinion! I’m interested in your view on this issue.

In the meantime… I wish you successful trips and all good!

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