How to occupy yourself in the long trip [TOP 7 ways]

Modern methods of movement allow you to move very quickly. You can fly around the Earth for a day. But, still there are trips on trains and buses, long changes and waiting at the airport… And the flights are not always as fast as we wanted. Long-haul flights last for 18 hours!

Especially this article is useful for people who, like me, begin to feel something like a withdrawal after 20 minutes of inactivity! I don’t have enough the «dose» of information. And if you decide to sleep constantly – it is not an option. Anyway, I don’t sleep almost when going on a trip or anything else.

I decided to collect my own experience about this issue in this article, and even searched in the Internet for various interesting options that others use. And now, with great pleasure, I post it on the blog. After all, the experience of others can often seriously affect the actions of people.


Movies and TV shows

Probably, it is the most popular option in modern society. Everyone has phones, laptops or tablets. All of this can perfectly be used to play films and TV series.

The advantage of this method can be considered that almost everyone has a film or a cartoon that you want to watch, but there is simply no time in everyday life. Then the road – is a great time for that.

Don’t forget to bring a good pair of headphones with you, in this case. First, you should not disturb others, and secondly, the surrounding and noise should not disturb you (because the sound of the wheels of the train, the roar of the crowd or the sound of the aircraft engine creates a good interference). And if you are traveling together – take the «splitter» for headphones. Thus, if you go with a couple, you will be able to abstract from external stimuli and completely immerse in the atmosphere of the movie.

You can watch films and cartoons on your phone or tablet in the road

You can watch films and cartoons on your phone or tablet in the road

A major disadvantage is that devices consume unnecessary battery charge in the playback mode of media files and thus they are very quickly discharged. And it’s good, if the aircraft has a USB for charging electronics, and your device allows you to charge from it. Otherwise you have to go to the hotel and wait until it will be charged (because it is not always possible to find a wall outlet at airports, and if you can find the outlet of the desired format in a convenient location – it will be a fantastic).

By the way, there is usually an individual monitor on long-haul flights where you can watch one of hundreds of films and movies at your discretion.


As for me, personally, books are definitely one of the most interesting ways to pass the time on a single trip or when a traveling companion is asleep or busy with his own affairs.

I have already written a separate article on this topic, so I don’t want to repeat myself a lot. I recommend reading: Books and reading on the journey.

As before, I carry a Kindle (an electronic book) with me on long trips, and I have a small Transcend MP330 player for the road and short trips (although you can use anyone which holds a charge more or less and has good sound quality).

Books – is a great opportunity to spend time with benefit

Books – is a great opportunity to spend time with benefit

And again, you need a good pair of headphones and an audio-splitter (if you will listen together) for MP3-pleyer. I bought some very good KOSS headphones that due to the «plasticine» plugs quickly take the shape of the auricle and create a vacuum. Unlike the vacuum headphones, they really give an amazing sound quality that is noticeable, if you listen to the music.

Well, then the case for small – to find an interesting audiobook and turn it on. The road will pass unnoticed!


Everything about sleeping is quite difficult and individual. Let’s say I don’t like sleeping on the road, as I have already mentioned. I feel overwhelmed and exhausted after such «sleeping». But many people like to spend the time with sleeping, and the long road with the change of time zones may leave no other choice.

Sleeping in the bus and the aircraft doesn’t leave many options. All that you can do – is spread out your seat that this is not always possible, especially in airplanes. Keep in mind it if you choose your seats in advance.

You can close your eyes with a special mask for sleeping. Many airlines and hotels give them free of charge. Don’t throw them away and take them with you on the next trip.

And of course, it should be noted about earplug for the ears. Especially, if you are traveling with noisy neighbors or small children. If there is no the earplug – you can use the headphones from the player without music or just plug your ears with cotton from your tourist first-aid box.

Be sure to get an alarm clock and warn neighbors and guides about where you go out, in order not to oversleep your station or stop.


Games! Moreover, the most different of them. You can take your tablet, phone or laptop and play any computer game that only the soul desires. Fortunately, there are few problems with this now.

I rarely spend time on the road for games. But there are a couple of games on the phone like balls and logical ones for the really hopeless cases. Everything is addictive, especially when you cannot go pass any next level.

But don’t forget that computer games are a very recent invention! And earlier people used to entertain themselves somehow! If you are traveling not alone – remember childhood! How many dozens of games on paper do you know? Tank battle, sea battle, gallows, feudal lords… there are dozens! And they don’t require nothing more than a pen and piece of paper!

And have you already forgotten about the good and old games in notebooks?

And have you already forgotten about the good and old games in notebooks?

If you are a fan of logic games – don’t deny yourself the pleasure and buy hiking chess. I do not know whether the produce something like that now, but the Soviet ones can be found at any flea market or Internet auction. They weigh 80 grams, but if you and your partner have inquisitive minds, you will be pleased to have fun!


How often in the age of information technology, SMS and social media, we lack the banal communication? How often do we complain that we don’t have enough time for loved ones?

When you’re on the road with friends or loved ones, with family or children – make time for communication. Communicate, discuss common interests… The people, who fly on the same trip, are always having topics that should talk about.

Of course, this is not the best time to investigate problems or to solve important issues. But what about talking, discussing plans or dreaming? What could be better? Remember that there is never a lot of communicating with a loved one. Sometimes it seems that it is enough, but suddenly there comes a moment when you begin to regret every second that you are unable to pay a dear person.

Well, if you are alone – you can communicate in the social networks. Facebook or VK allow you to communicate well with friends. And it is easily to contact and talk with your parents or a loved one by Skype. Why not to meet, even if it’s virtually?


All of us study, regardless of age. Naturally, only if you want to develop. This can be learning a language or history (including the country, where you are flying now). And if you are a student, then fate ordered to repeat what has been learned or to learn something new.

As they say, Learning is the eye of the mind. =)

As they say, Learning is the eye of the mind. =)

I’m not a particular supporter of learning languages on the road, because I am usually already too tired. But as soon as I think to enter the University, to pass External Independent Estimation (a special type of exam in Ukraine) – I think that to prepare for the seminars and learning new material is not so bad to use your free time on the aircraft or train.

Preparing for the journey

Isn’t that wonderful? Yes, I always prefer to prepare in advance. But plans can change or you missed something important at home?

You’ll need a guide, saved articles from blogs and forums or an access to the Internet. Fortunately, many airlines are not shy to provide Wi-Fi Internet on the board of their aircrafts. And, at the same time, you have Wi-Fi or regular mobile Internet (GPRS, EDGE, 3G or 4G LTE) in a train or bus stations.

I have shown the search of interesting information in a very detailed way in the article «How do I find interesting places to travel?»

Sometimes, it turns out very successfully to adjust your plans in the road and at the last moment. Or you can find out and compose a route from the station to the hotel or the desired points.

That is all that came to mind, in principle. What I faced and how I prefer to spend time on the road. I am waiting for your options and comments with pleasure.

However, don’t forget, that this is just my experience in most cases. Some people don’t like to read, and someone thinks with disgust about studying especially on the road.

Successful travel to you!


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