How to choose a camera for travel

Photography has long been fashionable as a way to capture the memory of yourself or your experience, a landscape or an unusual event. Now, no one surprises the camera, although, when I took the first pictures – there was no question of any digital technologies. And what about those who traveled in the early twentieth century?

But, let’s back to the present. It does not matter where a person goes: a picnic in countryside, tours of the resort or an independent travel, he definitely takes a camera with him, in order to bring memories, to save a «piece of summer». And it’s an understandable dream.

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The best travel movies

The best travel movies – TOP-39

For all the lovers of traveling, I have made a list of the 39 best films about traveling of different genres on this page. Therefore, if you are bored and you need to pass the time during the long winter evenings or if you travel on a train – then boldly go to this page and share it with your friends.

There are well-known films, as well as those about which you won`t find even a word in similar collections on the Internet! All these movies have a rating above 7 points according to the users of the website «Kinopoisk», which is the largest website in the Russian segment.

Тhese films are able to motivate anyone to travel by impressing an interesting plot and beautiful scenes. That`s why I strongly recommend to watch them only in HD quality and above.

It`s necessary to know that the selection is not comprehensive. I chose the films that had gained popularity among our and abroad viewers, and attracted from the first minute!

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