Christmas fairs and markets in Vienna 2017

Christmas – is like a fairy tale. I don’t know why Orthodox Christmas is not celebrated with the same atmosphere. Perhaps, it is all because of the efforts that the communist regime makes for this. However, Christmas is associated for our inhabitants with a visiting of the Church on the correct date. That is all. There are some differences between Catholics and Christians. When we speak about Christmas, we subconsciously think about the Western holiday. It celebrates on December, 25. There are immediately associations with a Christmas tree, a smell of tangerines, cinnamon and almond biscuits…

That is why it is always wonderful to go to Europe on Christmas with its indescribable Christmas fairs. In December 2015, I was lucky to visit the capital of Austria – Vienna. There was the time of the midst of the Christmas markets. There were dozens of fairs throughout the city. And the largest one was under the town hall… There were festive Christmas trees at every step. The Christmas atmosphere covers you at the airport and does not let go before your departure.

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