Four reasons for not using low-cost airlines

I am an honest man and don’t like to don’t like to prevaricate. So I decided to stop singing the praises for budget airlines. It’s time to show the other side of the coin. In this article I have collected the main disadvantages that you can feel when flying low-cost airlines. Somewhere they are applicable, some are not. And already considering all these points, everyone decides – whether to fly on such low-cost airlines or not.

Yes, of course…There are not too little advantages at the same time. This is the newest aircrafts in the fleet, the ultra-cheap tickets and a developed network of routes. But our task for today is to learn the disadvantages. This does not mean that you cannot fly low-cost airlines. It is necessary! But with the caveat to these nuances:

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How to choose a seat in the aircraft: tips and schemes

The flights no matter how long it will is exhausting by itself and it is also harmful. So, if you have the opportunity to create at least some extra comfort – this should be used. One of those important nuances – a choice of the best seats in the aircraft.

Firstly, you need to realize that there is simply no ideal seats on an aircraft. It should be selected individually for oneself, based on your needs, what I’m going to say in this article. So, for example, I like to sit near the engine at the porthole, where, in fact, is the noisiest place. It is dangerous and the view is covered by half of the wing. But this is related to my first flight and habit. Therefore, let’s look at the root of the problem: how to choose a seat in the aircraft, based on your personal needs?

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