5 rules of life that I learned in one day

This post will be, contrary to custom, more philosophical than practical. However, there will be useful advice and some cases from life. Therefore I recommend it to read, not only to tourists, but also to any person.

I used to believe in some signs, the fact that you need to do good things… However, only travels have taught me, albeit in part, but to really weigh and assess those words.

Here are the things that I realized on April 1, 2014. It seems like a day of jokes and pranks. But I have entirely devoted it to understanding the situation that occurred the night before. I was exhausted, tired. I lost money and things. A laptop and phone are broken… In general, there was a whole set which I even do not want to list. Let me just say that I felt completely overwhelmed at night.

But it is not for nothing that they say that everything God makes is not just. These are some lessons for us. And perhaps – it is a preparation for something better. So, it will be not honest if I don’t share my thoughts with you.

This article I wrote here – on the floor of the airport, where I spent the night.

This article I wrote here – on the floor of the airport, where I spent the night.

It happens that «the day is not yours». It happens to everyone. It cannot be changed or avoided. It happens and it is all. Usually I try to fight to the last, to break through the walls. But if I feel that the day «went wrong» from the very beginning – then I prefer to stop. Just for the day.

In this situation, I sit down and do nothing. I do not even work at the computer. Most often – I just reading or watching soap operas on TV. As a rule, I usually turn on «The Simpsons», stupid Russian TV shows or senseless American comedies. You just need to accept and understand that the day is required to spend quieter water and below the grass.

You need to go to bed on this day as early as possible. No wonder they say – «In any incomprehensible situation – go to sleep», or in the folk version – «An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening». It is not simple words. Sometimes, problems that seem catastrophic and irresolvable in the evening are turned into trifles which solved easily in the morning. There is an explanation for this –the brain is rested after sleep and much more workable.

In addition, people have their own way of relieving stress. I’m not talking about the pseudo-stress relieving (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.). I’m talking about individual ways. Someone needs a hot shower, someone – a cold one. As for me, I wash my head or go to ride a bicycle. All of these really clear the brain and makes thinking much easier, more optimistic and more practical.


One of my ways to relax – is a bike. It allows you to banish stress and clear your head.

One of my ways to relax – is a bike. It allows you to banish stress and clear your head.

Everything that you lose will be returned to you in the amount or even more. You do not need to reproach me in global senses, telling about the plane crashes and the like. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about smaller things.

For example, when I drove from Kutaisi to the monastery, I spent unwisely 5 lari. And on the way back, people were driven me there with totally free. So, I saved 7 lari.

Accident? Then there is another example. When I arrived in Batumi, I decided to take a taxi and spent 15 lari because of heavy rain and a missed stop. By the way, it was the first time, when the taxi driver has not agreed to bargain in Georgia. But when I arrived at the hotel, there was an unpleasant story with the room. So, I was replaced from a common room for 4 people to a separate one. It was superior with a huge double bed, so I saved extra 30 lari!

Still want more? You are welcome! I bought nice trousers before going to Cyprus. I have long dreamed of such trousers with a bunch of pockets. But they had one drawback – the button fly! I drove to the workshop and gave it away. The quality zipper and its sew cost 75 UAH there. It is despite the fact that the trousers cost 86 UAH. After half an hour, I bought the flash drive, which the seller offered me for a new camera. It costs 299 UAH on the price tag, but suddenly it turned out that its cost is 399 UAH. For those who don’t know, I will explain that such manipulation is a violation of the law of Ukraine. As a result of this confusion the flash drive was given to me for 174 UAH, like it costs in the online store.

The main thing is to learn how to connect these cases. Just sit down and think about some of your insignificant loss recently. Maybe you have already received your «compensation of losses»?

If you received the «return», about which I wrote above – it is not necessary to stop the flow of kindness. You do not need to close it. You got the extra $ 10 purely by accident? Throw this $ 2-3 into a box of aid for children with cancer, which is in every store. You do not lose anything! Remember that this money also came to you for some reason. Maybe it is for this? In order to send them in the right direction…

Or help someone who does not have enough? For example, a woman stands in a queue and loses 10 UAH. And you just received 150 UAH due to the unexpected discount at the store. What is stopping you?

I and a cat drink up the yogurt for a couple. It is the last thing that I have for two days.

I and a cat drink up the yogurt for a couple. It is the last thing that I have for two days.

The world is not without kind people. I found myself in a not very enviable position today (April, 1. 2014). I had only 7 eurocents. This is despite the fact that one travel around the city here costs € 1.5. My phone was broken, the laptop was discharged… At the same time, I needed to move on to the airport.

The realization that not all people are bad did not immediately. But as soon as you start to believe in it – they appear.

People were given me a mineral water, driven by a hitchhiker, prompted me… They smiled and waved to me… A stranger gave me € 10 for the road, and the taxi driver drove me to another city for 80 kilometers for the very € 10. At the same time, the counters of the car (which are compulsory in Cyprus) showed € 53!

No, it is really. There are even more good people. To increase them you need to multiply them. This is done simply – to make a good deal. It does not need money or extra time. Sometimes things are simple to the banality. For example, a person with special needs before you is trying to drag a stroller on the parapet, which was designed by the designer of children’s slides. Or you just need to hold the door for the woman who wants to push out the baby carriage. Or that young man, a porter, carrying the heavy boxes along the ice, will be forced to put them before opening the door. It is possible that he will tear the back. What prevents you to help him and open the door?

And the person, when somebody does something good for him, often thinks about it. And once, perhaps, he will extend a helping hand to those who also need it.

Positivity and kindness can be found everywhere. The main thing is not turn away!

Positivity and kindness can be found everywhere. The main thing is not turn away!

Money and things have an aura. Well, or whatever they have. Maybe karma? These are inanimate objects. But, anyway, it exists.

If you got the money in dishonestly way or simply problematic – it can greatly spoil the mood.

As an example – is my trip to Cyprus again. I remember it all the time because I write the article from the airport in Larnaca, from where I will fly to Donetsk. So, I have in my wallet a sum that should have covered 100% of the entire stay and the trip in Cyprus. But the person, who gave the money to me, thought about me bad in that moment and was angry. So, it maybe makes changes in the fate of the money. No, I didn’t steal them. It was enough only that, giving them, the person was offended to me. And do you know? I have not used any banknote from them yet. The story is long, but the fact remains – I am with a full wallet of money and can’t use any of those banknotes. I cannot do this. There are problems with exchangers and terminals. Forgetfulness, breaks and early closing of banks… All this happened so that I can’t use this money.

The very money that I could not use...

The very money that I could not use…

You do not need to use this money.  They can get to you by accident. For example, the cashier will miscalculate with the rest, and you will not notice. Or the bus driver will ask, whether I considered the rest or he did not give 2 UAH to anyone. And I will think about something and say – «It’s probably mine». So, do you get the money? Don’t keep them. Release… Where? See the third point. Give it to charity, for example.

Understand and realize. Their aura is already spoiled, so do not spoil your own. After all, you don’t deserve it? Then give it back.

But I don’t consider the issue if you don’t have a penny. Then, it is likely that this is helping you. As in the case of a man who gave me € 10 for the road. Then do something good, some good thing! Well, if you are a believer – don’t be lazy, go and put a candle in the Church for the person who helped you (even if you don’t know who he is!). Be sincere.

The conclusions

Yes, sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it is offensively. Sometimes, you want to howl «Why?». I have this condition every week. But every time, I realize that it was so and that otherwise it cannot be – I feel better. And the «return» comes the faster.

You know, sometimes I scream within myself. Silently, but I scream at the top of my voice. Sometimes it is so insulting. Especially in the light of the events that took place in my last month. But the realization that while I am alive, healthy, breathing and walking – everything is all right. It gives me patience.

So, I wrote such philosophical article. Of course, it is interesting for me to know your attitude to all of the above. Tell me your opinion and experience according to the points that have described by me. It will be very interesting to listen and compare.

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